Greeter Training Webinars

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Some Comments I’ve Received:

Thanks, it has been refreshing and encouraging

I truly enjoyed this training and I now know my shortfalls as a greeter.

Thank you, Very informative

Thanks Chris! Appreciate the thought you put into this! Gave me a couple of new ways to communicate the vision!

Thank you very much….helpful re. small talk and reminder of boundaries,etc.

Good info…thanks for the webinar

It was helpful.  Obviously somewhat limited in scope but a good refresher. Plan to send the link to our entire team.

Very useful.  Thanks

Thank you!  Very informative!  God Bless You!

I thought the session on Thursday night was very helpful for some of my welcoming committee folks – not that they haven’t heard all of that from me, but you know how parishioners hear things differently from “experts”.

Thanks for the training session. You did a great job talking about a subject that does have great importance in helping welcome people to a new church….It helped me evaluate the way I greet newcomers and gave me food for thought.

I enjoyed the webinar. I have read lots of your material and am developing a file of material on assimilation. A lot of the material in your webinar I had of course already read since it was addressing new greeters. Several of my assimilation team members viewed it and thought it was really good. I look forward to more advanced information in the future.