First Impressions Volunteers

I’ve done an informal survey of my readers and the biggest challenge among those who answered is finding, training, and keeping volunteers for first impression ministries.

This class is for you if:

  • Want volunteers to own the vision of a great welcome
  • Want volunteers to take ownership of first impressions.
  • New to the role with ministry leaders on our hospitality team that have been serving as greeters and ushers longer than you’ve been alive
  • There is no one in charge.
  • Need help recruiting volunteers who want to help more than once or twice a year.
  • Wish your volunteers would quit dropping out.
  • Find ways to help newcomers connect and keep coming back.
  • Want to create a place that from the first moment a person walks through the door, they feel like they are a part of family.
  • Want to try and convince volunteers to change “We’ve always done it this way…”

Watch to get a sense of the what’s in this webinar


You might be the new person in charge of hospitality ministries, or the pastor responsible for preparing your welcome ministries.

Now is the time to

  • Think about finding volunteers.
  • Planning to train volunteers, both new ones and those that have been serving longer than you’ve been alive.
  • And keep those volunteers serving so you all can improve the process of welcoming first time guests.
  • Evaluate systems and fix what is broken.
  • Break through the idea that you are always short volunteers who won’t sign up.

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A 90 minute class online

Private Hospitality Training WebinarIn this 90 minute online teleclass, you’ll receive fresh inspiration for:

  • Find volunteers and get them excited to serve passionately
  • Train volunteers and get them equipped to serve well.
  • Retain volunteers and keep them energized for awesome service

My desire is

  • to impart fresh vision,
  • to inspire some creative energy to address needs, and
  • help you prepare your team for an outstanding welcome.

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are for your webinar today. The Spirit of the Lord was moving end we had an incredible response. . . . . After you closed we were overwhelmed by ideas and some leaders were moved to take the challenge.  Pastor Paul brought it all to our church and how we are going to do the next step.  — T Amorim, Ontario.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • 12 Ways to find and recruit volunteers into all aspects of first impressions ministry
  • Ways to train these volunteers to excel in the art of welcome
  • 12 Ways to keep these volunteers motivated in their service
  • Ways to help these volunteers “get it” above and beyond a chore.

Webinar Details:


  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • It is a narrated PowerPoint presentation.
  • Recorded from an online webinar presentation.
  • Price: $39 USD

What will you receive?

  • Access to download the video (MP4 for Windows Player and Quicktime)
  • Copies of MP3 audio to download
  • Copies of the slides as a PDF.
  • The optional handout that accompanies the teaching, along with links to further resources.
  • Permission to use this recording and resources in your congregation.


  • This class has a registration fee of $39 USD per person.
  • Payable on-line via Paypal or credit card via the order button below.
  • I will not see any of your payment information.

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This class if for you if you

  • Were recently appointed as leader of your hospitality ministry.
  • Want to recruit new volunteers.
  • Want to find ways to motivate and keep volunteers aiming for excellence.
  • Want to continually cast vision for excellence in first impression ministries.
  • Want to Change the mindset of persons are not very friendly to guests, even though friendly with each other.

The cost is an investment in retaining new families in your church membership.

I’ve helped other hospitality ministry leaders breakthrough that log-jam of inaction and set them moving forward again. They felt like they were staring into the fog and not seeing much of anything clearly.   The pastor and leadership committee needed someone outside of their situation to chase some clouds away.

You’ll get your creativity going as you think of ways to move forward with your hospitality ministry.

Don’t struggle on your own

You don’t have to struggle alone.  Make the investment in this webinar class, even if you

  • Lack personal experience
  • Feel uncomfortable
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Just getting started in hospitality ministry
  • Feel like your hospitality and welcome ministry are stuck.
  • Feel energized about future vision because you’ve come back from a conference

You don’t have to stay stuck. Together we can get you making progress towards helping your visitors feel good about their experience of your church.

Is this class right for you?

If you have a highly effective hospitality ministry, then this is not the right class.

If your welcome ministry is running at full steam and you feel like you’ve got a good grip on this ministry, then this is not the right class.

If you want some secret to hospitality ministry that you’ve never heard before, then this class isn’t likely good fit for you either.

However, if you want to lead your volunteers with greater skill and find, train and retain committed volunteers, this is for you.

I wanted to thank you again for a great conference.

All I have heard are good comments and ideas for future ones.  To God be the Glory! – L. Ruby, Pittsburgh

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On behalf of Bethel World Outreach and especially the Global Evangelism Ministry, I want to say thank you and God bless you. The program was inspiring, very rich and practical. Thank you so much for allowing God to move so powerfully through you. I know that change has come, and most members will rise up to evangelize and disciple souls for Kingdom growth and for God’s glory. – P. Noudem

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a recorded webinar?

A webinar is an online class.  People attended the live class the day this webinar was recorded.  Current technology means that the screen will display slides (powerpoint) while I talk about the content and give illustrations.  It is not a studio production with fancy camera work.  It is a narrated slide presentation.

Q.  Can I share the content within my church?

You have the license to use this material within your church.  Please be wise and not distribute it beyond your church.

Q.  Can I stream it or download it?

Yes.  You will have lifetime access via your account to stream this online or download it to your local computer for offline use.