Upgrade Your Hospitality Private Team Webinar

UpgradeHospitalityYou have read the 7 Secrets to Awesome Hospitality report as a free download.

I’ve been sending you a few emails about hospitality issues and hopefully providing you some great tips.

Now it’s the time to do some team training.

And here is a low-cost alternative to having me come to your church for the weekend.

Is this for your church?

You might be the new person in charge of hospitality ministries, or the pastor responsible for preparing your welcome ministries.

Now is the time to

  • Review your church hospitality systems.
  • Recast new vision for welcoming the first time church visitor.
  • Improve the process of welcoming first time guests.
  • Evaluate systems and fix what is broken.
  • Look for new ideas to improve your current systems.
  • Help your church welcome new visitors.

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Are you preparing for the next wave of visitors?

2013ChrisWalkerHeadShot425x287You can prepare your hospitality and greeting team with some fresh vision for the fall, Christmas, or the launch of a new sermon series that you are planning.

If you are planning your preaching calendar and outreach calendar, you’ll always find a good time to gather your volunteers for a vision refreshing meeting as they prepare for that new wave of church visitors.

You can invite me as a virtual presenter at

  • your scheduled training meeting,
  • or we could set a date that works for your team.

A 90 minute class for your team

Private Hospitality Training WebinarIn this 90 minute online teleclass, you’ll equip your team on:

  • How welcoming guests helps your church fulfill or fail the great commission.
  • 8 characteristics to know about your guests BEFORE they arrive so you can serve them well.
  • No manuals necessary – how to have awesome hospitality ministry in unforeseen moments.
  • 8 necessary traits of a church hospitality volunteer who blesses your guests.

This on-line class is specifically for

  • Greeters who need a refresher.
  • First time Greeters who will be starting.
  • Hospitality ministry leaders who want to cast a fresh vision for their team.
  • Pastors leading hospitality and welcome ministries who want an “outsider” to share.
  • Welcome ministry leaders who want to provide a training point for their ministry teams.

There will be opportunity for Questions and Answers.

My desire is

  • to impart fresh vision,
  • to inspire some creative energy to address needs, and
  • help you prepare your team for an outstanding welcome.

This class is focused for your church and your particular context.

You can gather your team in a common location, such as a living room or classroom at your church.

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are for your webinar today. The Spirit of the Lord was moving end we had an incredible response. . . . . After you closed we were overwhelmed by ideas and some leaders were moved to take the challenge.  Pastor Paul brought it all to our church and how we are going to do the next step.  — T Amorim, Ontario.


  • Where: Online Classroom, accessed via a unique link you’ll receive and can share.
  • When: This is for your church team only.  We’ll set a date that works for you and me.  Plan for 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Availability: When it fits on our calendar.


  • This session for your church has a one time registration fee of $197 USD per church.
  • You’ll receive a copy of the recording to download a week after the gathering for re-use.

What does this online class look like?

I wanted to thank you again for a great conference.

All I have heard are good comments and ideas for future ones.  To God be the Glory! – L. Ruby, Pittsburgh

8TraitsOfAGreeterOnce we set a date, you publicize your meeting to your church and gather your volunteers.

This format is online class where I present slides like the one next to this paragraph.

There are discussion breaks which allows for creativity to flow among your volunteers as they share and compare.

Here is a typical agenda for your meeting:

  • You gather people around light refreshments.
  • You introduce the webinar.
  • I present and do Q&A, with conversational breaks about every 15-20 minutes.
  • When I’m done, you continue to do some localized training, and maybe fine tuning.

What you get

  • Related handouts in PDF format before the webinar for you to distribute.
  • Related slides with permission to use them in your congregation.
  • An MP4 download version of the recorded seminar.

Planned for a two hour window, though the presentation runs about 90 minutes.  Expect content, plus Q&A.

On behalf of Bethel World Outreach and especially the Global Evangelism Ministry, I want to say thank you and God bless you. The program was inspiring, very rich and practical. Thank you so much for allowing God to move so powerfully through you. I know that change has come, and most members will rise up to evangelize and disciple souls for Kingdom growth and for God’s glory. – P. Noudem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I gather our people in one place, or do they have to do this from their own computers?

The best setup in this context is for you to gather your group in one central location and then you can supplement this private webinar with some fellowship time, and any further training you’d like to accomplish while your team is gathered.

I can provide access information to those who wish to access this online or by telephone if they are not available.

Q.  If I gather people for a webinar, how do I setup the display and sound on my end?

You will need:

  • a high speed internet connection,
  • a computer hookup to the internet, and
  • the ability to broadcast sound and video imagery.

The following are also helpful

  • For a Q&A session, you will need to have a microphone setup so that I can hear the question.
  • Some churches have figured out how to rig up a video camera to their computer so that I can see you too.

The actual mechanics of that are your responsibility.

I have worked with a church’s sound/video person to do some test runs of the sound a day or two before.

Q. Do I pay before or after?

I ask for payment to be made before the registration process starts to confirm the date on my calendar.

Q.  What happens if the event is cancelled or you can’t make it?

If the event is cancelled or some illness prevents me from participating, you’ll receive a full refund if we can’t reschedule.

Q.  How is the quality of the sound?

The quality of sound is dependent on several factors outside of my control.  Generally, sound is not an issue, but failures have occurred. I work via cellphone with your technical person to get service restored, typically within a few minutes.