1-1 Personal Evangelism Coaching Call


Find some fresh inspiration to organize your evangelism ministry, think through some of the hard spots, and get practical advice to move forward with next action steps.

This is up to a 60 minute telephone call with me focused on the evangelism issues in your ministry.

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Conferences are great to inspire people and bring fresh motivation. I love giving conferences, and you love to attend them. They give all sorts of
  • Fresh inspiration
  • New vitality
  • New action steps
But once the conference is over, how do you actually make the changes inspired by the conference? Here is what one pastor said to me in conversation:
“Two years ago, we decided we wanted to be more involved with evangelism. We began praying and reading, we had a conference . .. .but where do we go next?”

Coaching from Chris

Perhaps there is one singular place where you are stuck. All of us get stuck in a rut and want to improve our personal evangelism skills. This is a program that provides for some a coaching session to help you grow. If you find yourself
  • Not knowing how to have spiritual conversations
  • Paralyzed by fear that keeps you from talking with people about your faith.
  • Doing other things in attempts to avoid personal evangelism
  • Not spending enough time with the unchurched
  • Missing too many conversations about faith because of lack of confidence
Then personal evangelism coaching can help you!
I found great value in the time that I spent with you.  You helped me think through ways I avoided evangelism, even though I am a pastor.  You really challenged me to step up to lead my church in this area.  I appreciated your questions that made me think and your gentleness in leading me forward.  I’m happy to recommend this personal coaching for pastors. — M. Hunt, Pastor.

How it works:

Speak to Chris and get the answers you need right now. This is a 60 minute call and allows for some get to know you chit-chat to decide if it’s right for you, and then we get into personal development for what you want. Cost: $125 

Ready for Results?

  • Practical. Based on my life experiences teaching evangelism on two continents and in two languages.
  • Biblical – No compromising of Scripture to get butts on benches here.
  • Personal – You’ll work with me to plan and  apply lessons to fit the personality of your church.
  • Affordable – A fraction of the cost of taking your ministry team to a conference or me to speak in person for a few days.
  • Church-Based – You learn right from home and apply each lesson immediately to your church.
  • Step-by-Step Help. – You get some great ideas and focus to apply right away.
  • Gospel-Centered – It’s all about Jesus, proclaiming the glorious good and making disciples.

“Chris was great in helping me discover I wasn’t focused on right thing. He helped me refocus and I found myself re-energized.” — D. Watson, Church Planter.

Get Started Now — Risk Free.

This one time call is just $125 I provide the conference line or video calling service. Plan on 60 minutes. Risk Free:  If you are not satisfied with our conversation, I will reimburse the entire fee, no questions asked.   I’d rather you be satisfied than have your money and you be disappointed.

Next step? …

If you have questions about this, please call 804/335-1445.  I try to answer my own phone. Otherwise, purchase your session and we’ll set a date.


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