1-1 Hospitality Coaching Call for Ministry Leader


Find some fresh inspiration to organize your hospitality ministry, think through some of the hard spots, and get practical advice to move forward with next action steps.

This is a 60 minute (up to a 90 minute) telephone call with me focused on specific hospitality challenges you’ve identified in your ministry.


Are you the newly appointed volunteer of the committee or to address hospitality, greeters, or assimilation in your church?

You want your hospitality ministry to improve.  It’s not where it should be or could be.


  • Does your hospitality ministry feel stuck?
  • Are people resisting your leadership because they don’t want to change?
  • Are you frustrated that they “just don’t get it?”
  • Do you feel there just too much information out there to know how to begin?

Some questions I’ve helped ministry leaders think through

  • How to cast a vision for hospitality when no one seems to care.
  • How to help your church members see the need for a better welcome.
  • How to find and recruit church greeters
  • How to take your hospitality ministry forward for growth.

I want to help you get unstuck

Coaching PastorI’ve helped other hospitality ministry leaders breakthrough that log-jam of inaction and set them moving forward again.

Talking with me gets your creativity going as we troubleshoot a particular aspect of your hospitality ministry.

Chris Walker’s coaching ability is wonderful.  He’s a clear thinker with a way of cutting through the clutter and confusion surrounding a problem. He focuses on the most practical path to a resolution and effectively communicates how to reach the intended goal.

Les Dahlstedt
St. Matthew Lutheran Church

Another leader wrote:

You’ve given me some great thoughts about what steps I need to take. Taking on organizing this ministry doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.

The phone call we had helped me discover some practical steps I could immediately take to fire up the ministry in our 400 member church.

J Hampsher

Don’t struggle on your own

Things to say to church visitorsChurch hospitality leaders have found it helpful to engage me in a hospitality coaching process.

Particularly if  you

  • Lack personal experience
  • Feel uncomfortable
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Just getting started in hospitality ministry
  • Feel like your hospitality and welcome ministry are stuck.
  • Feel energized about future vision because you’ve come back from a conference

You don’t have to stay stuck.

Talk it through with me and together we can get you making progress towards helping your visitors feel good about their experience of your church.

You could continue with the current status quo, or you could mix it up with some fresh energy by having a conversation with me.

Our call can help you generate creativity and new steps forward towards improving your welcome ministry.

Am I right for you?

If you have a highly effective hospitality ministry, then I’m not the right person.

If you are looking for a consultant who has all the answers to all the problems of your church, I’m not that person either.  I’m not the right person to talk about the historical problems of your church.

I’ve worked with small churches of 15-25 members, and worked with churches with over 800 members looking for some new ideas.

I want to help your church get over the “where do I start” or “I’m overwhelmed with too much” blocks.

I’ve intentionally priced this service to make it accessible to even the smallest church budget.

I don’t want a multi-year commitment that will break your budget

Unlike other consultants who want to engage you in expensive multi-year commitments, I simply want to help you break through now.

One call is usually enough for creative breakthrough.

One call is usually enough to get your committee moving forward again with fresh ideas to improve your greeter and welcome ministry.

If you decide to upgrade to a package of calls, we’ll push through and finish in the course of a few months.

Here is what Pastor Tom Ross said:

(See this testimonial from a small church pastor: Worth every penny!)

Get Started Now — Risk Free.

We setup a time to spend 60 minutes with you.   It’s travel free, and therefore much cheaper than having me come in person.

This one time call is just $125

If you get one tithing family within a few months of our call, your short investment with me will be more than returned to your church.

If you are not satisfied with our conversation, I will reimburse the entire fee, no questions asked.   I’d rather you be satisfied than have your money and you be disappointed.

Coaching calls are available from 10am to 9pm Eastern US time.

Plan on 45-60 minutes.


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