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Can Evangelism be as Normal as Breathing?

Don’t you wish that just thinking about doing evangelism didn’t raise the hair on the back of your neck?

Can you overcome that paralyzing fear that keeps you from joyfully sharing what God has done for you?

Does evangelism feel like a dreaded chore that you find easy to avoid, but feel guilty for avoiding it?

Is your church not growing because people are too nervous to share their faith in Christ?

Dream with me for a moment.

What if evangelism

  • wasn’t awkward?
  • didn’t take a whole lot of guts?
  • was as normal as breathing?

What if sharing your faith didn’t make you feel like a Martian?

How would your church grow if you could conquer these fears and confidently talk about your faith?

“This seminar took the fear right out of me. I can’t wait to share my faith.  In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about the question you posed to us in the workshop: What if discussing your faith was a normal, everyday thing? — R. Gambrel, Richmond VA.

You’ve taken the stress out of evangelism.  I can do this.  – Participant at Old Greenwich CT seminar.

We all struggle with fears of evangelism.

Fears like:

  • What will my friends think of me when I start telling them what Jesus did?
  • Will I offend them?
  • Will I come across as pushy?
  • Will I be obnoxious?
  • Will they reject me for bringing up my faith?
  • Will I get it wrong?
  • What if I mess up?
  • What if I get the timing wrong?

These are pretty common fears.

Even pastors struggle with these feelings.

After all, many pastors didn’t get seminary training in personal evangelism conversation skills.

Surveys indicate that many pastors feel that lack of training and experience in personal evangelism hinder their ability to provide evangelism training for the congregation.

I have listened to the teaching on the CD I ordered and I am being blessed and inspired.I like your experience and suggestions.

I believe that your teaching will light up a fire and zeal for evangelism in our Christian brethren and especially my church members.  —– P. Noumedem, Silver Spring MD.

What if you could overcome those fears?

Perhaps you’ve tried other evangelism training courses.

You got the book, memorized the material, and pumped yourself up to share the gospel.

But, when you tried out that form of evangelism, it still felt felt awkward, manipulative, and maybe even forced.  You might even have felt obnoxious and interrupting someone’s day.

Those courses made you feel like you had to manipulate the conversation, steer it to your starting point, and then present a logically ordered monologue that you think you had memorized.

You found yourself tongue-tied, clumsy, and just feeling weird.

And that course is in the digital dust bin on your hard drive, or that seminar notebook sits unused on your bookshelf as a guilt provoking reminder.

I know how you feel.

I’ve tried many courses and have read many different books on the topic of personal evangelism.

In trying the strategies in those books and courses, I’ve been the obnoxious evangelist.  I’ve been scared out of my mind.

I’ve offended people. I feel like I’ve been manipulating people with my conversations.

There are some conversations I wish I never had because they were just awful!

I don’t like those feelings and I know you don’t like them either.

You are in for a spiritual treat and you don’t want to miss the opportunity – Jeanntte Gordy

Will this course ask me go talk to strangers on a street corner?


Some evangelism courses are designed to help you memorize a script and then go out and practice it on total strangers.

I’ve done that.

I’ve been the scared evangelist.

I’ve been the obnoxious evangelist.

There has got to be a better way.

For most people, contact evangelism like this is  extremely awkward.

While some people are cut out for that style of evangelism, this course helps you see conversational openings with people who want to talk about their spiritual journey.

It’s a whole lot easier to have a conversation with a willing friend or stranger rather than forcing your agenda on someone.

I want to show you how.

Where does this Evangelism Training Course fit in our church?

If your church currently has evangelism programs, you might ask how does our approach to evangelism training fit into the evangelism work of the local congregation?

Many churches might have different program expressions for evangelism, for example

  • an Alpha course,
  • community service ministries like a food pantry or tutoring,
  • or small groups that help seekers search for God.

Within in these program expressions, there will naturally be many opportunities for faith sharing conversation with spiritually hungry people.

For instance when Jesus sent the disciples out two by two to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God, He gave very specific instructions as to what they were to do.

This was the “program” (Luke 10:1-16) which took into account the needs and circumstances of the people.

But in the midst of the program, the Holy Spirit was moving to heal the sick, cast out demons, empower their preaching of the kingdom of God, and to provideun-programmed opportunities for witness.

This was evangelism, taking place as they were listening to the guidance for the Holy Spirit.

Most evangelistic programming does not help the average church person grow comfortable in talking about their own faith journey and helping others on their own.

This course will help you recognize those moments and grow comfortable in sharing your faith.

What other evangelism courses didn’t teach

What I’ve discovered is that other evangelism training courses didn’t teach you

  • How to identify the passionate foundation of your faith that propels you to joyfully share with others.
  • How to recognize spiritually hungry people who want to know more about your faith in Christ.
  • How to recognize the appropriate timing to have a spiritual conversation with another person.
  • How to naturally talk about your own faith experience as if it was normal everyday life.

I wanted a course that would help me have more spiritual conversations than I could count with people who were desperately curious about my faith in Jesus.

I wanted personal evangelism to happen regularly in the daily routine of my life, and not just another to-do chore that I had to schedule in my appointment book with people I didn’t know.

And I wanted to be prepared to share the gospel clearly and confidently with people eventually ASKING ME:  “How do I follow Jesus?”

“I felt like an evangelistic failure.  I had been trained in many different styles, but never seeing any fruit.

You helped me see that Evangelism is a process and I’m just a part.

Conversion is God’s work, not mine. I can learn to trust the sovereignty of God.”

— Santos Santander

I’m normally hesitate about any seminar that claims to “coach” people for evangelism, but this was the real deal.

Good theology and good practical explanations!

I never knew sharing my faith could simply be part of the story of who I am.

I feel much more confident discussing my faith with my friends.

Chris is one of the spiritual leaders that makes PC(USA) look good.

Colin Kerr, Director of Christian Ed
2nd Presbyterian Church Charleston SC
Author, A Heaven-Backed Rebellion

It’s hard to describe but I have never felt more at ease as I just asked her point blank “Do you believe in God?”

This simple act of God-given boldness (which did NOT include an ounce of the unease/discomfort I’m used to when discussing my faith) led to a long and pleasantly engaging conversation about the existence of God and the Christian faith.

I really want to encourage you that your approach really works and is/will continue to be an enormous blessing in my life.

R. Gambrel, Richmond VA

The Fear Free Evangelism Training Course

Now, you have the opportunity to take a course in the privacy of your home that is geared towards helping you have more natural conversations about your faith.

You don’t have to wait until I come to your city.

Instead, you can consume it on your own schedule once it arrives.

The Fear Free Evangelism Course is based on the seminar that I’ve given around the US and Latin America, and developed over 20 years of doing personal evangelism and training others to confidently talk about their faith.

It’s been reduced to 5 hours of audio training and reveals:

  • How to find the passionate foundation of your faith so that sharing is natural.
  • How to find people who want to talk with you about their spiritual journey
  • How to notice the right time to have spiritual conversation that helps others in their journey towards Christ.
  • What stories to tell and how to tell them.

Here is what you get when you order

After purchase, you’ll get a 5 CD set shipped to your house or church (some international shipping is available).


You’ll be able to download the entire set right away.

Talk # 1: Find the Fire.

  • What is the key to finding that passionate overflow that propels you to share?
  • What makes the gospel such good news to you that you want people to know?
  • You’ll hear what motivates me to share my faith, and the study guide on #5 will help you find yours.

Talk #2: Find the Thirsty.

  • What is the role of the Holy Spirit in evangelism?
  • What is spiritual thirst?
  • How do you recognize or look for spiritual thirst?
  • You’ll hear stories of what spiritual thirst looks like, and how to recognize it around you.
  • You’ll notice conversational opportunities with people who want to talk about their spiritual journey.

Talk #3: Find the Right Timing

  • How do we cooperate with the Holy Spirit in recognizing the appropriate moment to share a part of our spiritual journey?
  • In one survey I did of my readership, nearly one third didn’t know how or when to start a conversation.
  • This talk will help you recognize moments those moments to have great conversation that help people move forward in their journey towards Christ.
  • You’ll hear a biblical case study and personal stories from my own life of well-timed conversations that were easy and natural to have.

Talk #4: Tell the Story

  • How do we tell our story and the story of God’s work in our life?
  • If we are asked sincerely asked “what is the gospel?” can we respond without hyperventilating?
  • You’ll hear lessons of wisdom that I’ve learned in over 20 years of providing evangelism training and sharing my faith with people.

CD #5: Resource CD (or zip file if downloaded)

You’ll get additional files to listen to, and the handouts to print for your use, or use in your small group.

  • Audio MP3s,
  • The teaching slide handouts in a PDF
  • Fill in the blank handout that accompanies each talk,
  • A 25 page study guide that maps out an 8-12 week personal study.

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