Ebook: How to Welcome Church Visitors


Do you want to know where to start with hospitality ministry?

You will find this e-book a practical ‘how-to’ manual on getting started to creating a better first impression to welcome visitors to church.

Instant Download and available in all countries.

Bonus: Free Hospitality Coaching Appointment ($97 value) if you wish to claim it within 30 days of purchase.

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So you’ve put together a hospitality committee . . .

These committee members desire to help your church grow and welcome church visitors.

They want to help newcomers find a relationship with Jesus.

They want newcomers to connect with members of the church.

They desire to make the right moves.

Some volunteers are new to hospitality ministries and have no idea where to start making improvements.

Other members are appointed by the pastor to fix the problems.

They feel the pressure to “make hospitality work.”

So they search the internet for subjects like:

  • church visitor welcome and
  • hospitality at church
  • how to welcome church visitors

With so much information available, where do they start to fix the broken system?

Perhaps you were

  • Recently recruited to serve on your church’s hospitality committee.
  • Asked to start your church’s hospitality ministry.
  • Asked to train your church hospitality team.
  • Appointed by your pastor to figure out how to warm up your church’s welcome.
  • Asked to figure out  how to welcome church visitors and keep them coming back.

You don’t need to recreate the wheel.

You just need to somewhere to start.

You just need a refresher to help you get a great overview of your system.

Introducing the ebook: How to Welcome Church Visitors

This electronic book maps out a plan for you and raises questions to help you apply it where you are.

This e-book is a practical ‘how-to’ manual on creating a better first impression to welcome visitors to church.

  • How to improve your greeting of first time visitors to your church
  • How you can organize a church greeting team
  • What you can say to welcome church visitors
  • The most important 10 minutes to a first time church visitor.
  • Fresh insights from the current century on church hospitality
  • Organize your church hospitality ministry.
  • Improve the hospitality in the church
  • How to welcome visitors to church

With this instantly downloadable 83 page electronic Ebook (no hard copy available), you will find ideas like:

  • Six words you never want to say to a first time church visitor. (Save yourself from potential embarrassment!)
  • What 9 out of 10 church visitors think is important when visiting your church
  • How to organize a team of church greeters.
  • Four variables that influence getting church visitors to come back.
  • Five barriers to effective welcome  of church variables.
  • Train a team of church greeters.
  • Why church hospitality is not evangelism.
  • Why “Hospitality Evangelism” is not evangelism.
  • List of over 20 bible verses about hospitality.
  • 9 ideas for church visitor thank you gifts
  • How to assemble a church visitors packet.
  • 1 gift never to give a church visitor.
  • 16 Study questions for group discussion.
  • What never to install in a church bathroom!
  • What common greeting used to be frowned upon in the 1920s.
  • The 10 most important minutes to gauge the friendliness of your congregation.
  • And lots more!

Format: E-book. No physical book copy will be shipped.  This is a book in PDF.

Delivery: The information is delivered via the Internet. You will go to a download page where you get very, very detailed instructions on how to download the e-book.

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Compatibility: Is this information compatible both for Mac and PCs. Yes it is

Support: The information has all been tested for various computers and devices.  And it works. If you have an issue getting the files to open or play, you can indeed email me after your purchase and I’ll do the best I can to help you.

Free Bonus Items:

1.  A followup coaching appointment

I will offer you an hour of church hospitality coaching time over the telephone to help you apply some of these tips to your situation.

People have paid to access to my evangelism training and you can have your own for free.

Chris Walker’s coaching ability is wonderful.  He’s a clear thinker with a way of cutting through the clutter and confusion surrounding a problem.  He focuses on the most practical path to a resolution and effectively communicates how to reach the intended goal.

Les Dahlstedt
St. Matthew Lutheran Church

2.  Church Letters

A lot of people search my main site on church visitor letters for follow-up.  As a bonus free download, I want to give you access to 10 form letters for church ministry via a download ebook.

The separate Ebook Purchase and OR Membership site upgrade for church letters will give you access to all 200 plus new ones as they are added weekly.


Sample church letters include: First Time Church Visitor Followup, Pastor Appreciation, Special Occasions.

3.  How to Get Visitor Contact Information

One of the biggest challenges to visitor follow up is getting contact information on your first time visitors.

I interviewed author Yvon Prehn about her ebook on this particular issue.  The podcast is available for download and can be played by any media player or portable music device.

That’s a $27 value.

Download It Now – Read It Tonight – Use It Tomorrow!*



PPS.  Just so you know, I’m a real person and I really do sell these books online and give live seminars throughout the USA and Latin America.  My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions,  simply give me a call at 804-335-1445 (10 AM – 5 PM Eastern US).

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  1. Ron Crandall

    Chris Walker hits the target with his new e-book “How to Welcome A Church Visitor.”

    You will laugh and maybe weep at the truly down-to-earth life stories and the photographs, but more than that you will learn how to think like a visitor and practice holy hospitality that makes a difference.

    Love is a verb when it comes to living out our faith. One of the best opportunities for Christian action in our churches comes when a new person arrives at the front door.

    From A to Z, Chris Walker covers what to do next and how to enjoy the blessing of welcoming guests.

    What an amazing difference it would make if more churches would practice the simple recommendations that fill this book.

    – Ron Crandall Professor Emeritus, Asbury Theological Seminary Executive Director, SCLI/ABIDE

  2. Ina

    I like the simplicity of the book because it makes for an easy read. I now have a clearer picture of the greeters role and will take this to my team when we meet this weekend. We were also wondering what to include in the welcome packets that we planned to put together. We had some ideas and some samples from other churches and your suggestions are also helpful.

    I can’t thank you enough for clearing things up for me. It will certainly make my job a lot easier. I don’t feel like I’m spinning in circles anymore.

    Bless you,

  3. Dick Van Belzen

    Thanks much for being a thought leader in these matters of church hospitality. Your ideas are far more fresh than I’ve found from resources within my denomination.


    Dick H. Van Belzen
    New York

  4. Paul Stokes

    Chris Walker’s “How to Welcome Church Visitors” is as relevant for the UK scene as it is for the USA.
    He invites us to strike the right balance between people’s need for personal space and their need to feel welcomed; asks what impression we give through the way we care for our premises; and considers how we extend hospitality in simple, practical ways.

    Most of his observations can be acted on without the need for cultural translation (except, perhaps, the American provision of “bathrooms” instead of “toilets”!)

    He fully recognizes that there is a God-factor that is outside of our control, but he does offer down-to-earth, practical factors that are properly our responsibility.

    These are not churchy gimmicks but straightforward acts of kindness, care and consideration that help visitors want to come back. It’s surprising how ‘obvious’ they are, and how easily they are overlooked!

    Rev Paul Stokes, United Reformed Church Minister in Plymouth, Devon

    Plymstock United Church


  5. Bill and Gail Royster

    This is the book we should have written!

    We have been giving church hospitality workshops for over 15 years and of the 25 or more books we have used in the past, yours is by far the best contribution to the field.

    We’ve been photocopying the cover and telling our client churches that if they want to start improving their first impressions, they should start here with How To Welcome Church Visitors.

    Bill and Gail Royster
    The Welcome & Hospitality People

  6. Scott Sloan

    I’m glad I bought your book. I would have paid great money just to know those six most embarrassing words. That one tip made it worth the entire price alone.

    Scott Sloan, Embassy for Christ, Gary IN

  7. Les Dahlstedt

    How To Welcome Church Visitors is a well-written, thought-provoking resource that is going to be a blessing to anyone who reads and applies it’s content to their church needs.

    This book is especially important to me, as I serve on my church evangelism board and recently volunteered to manage our greeter program.

    I measure the worth of a book by the number of ideas I’m able to apply to real needs. I found no fewer than 25 great ideas that I can apply immediately! I recommend this book without reservation. Thank you Pastor Walker for all you’ve done for us.

    Les Dahlstedt
    St. Matthew Lutheran Church

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