Church Visitor Assimilation Webinar (Recorded)


How do you help a first time visitor move to regular attendance and maybe even church membership?

This  first time church visitor assimilation webinar class (Recorded Replay) looks into the heart of this issue.

You’ll receive some fresh inspiration and motivation to examine your assimilation strategy.

On-line for global access.  You can download the video after purchase, along with the handout.  Read more below

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“I wish more church visitors would come back and get involved.”

Church Visitor Assimilation TrainingThis is common lament I hear from church leaders.  They might be leading small churches.  They might be managing large churches.

These leaders have put forth valiant efforts to improve their hospitality, increase their marketing, and even provide some programming that would attract new people.

Other pastors might be leading a church in a remote community, or in a high density urban slums where it is dangerous to walk at night.  They may have only a cell phone without a data plan and no resources for a website.  Their plan for visitor follow-up may be slightly different because of access to resources or danger.

But, the problem remains.  The church visitor comes once and then never again.

Leaders occasionally need to review, renew, or refresh their strategies for helping new visitors return to church and become part of the congregation.

How do you help a first time visitor move to regular attendance and maybe even church membership?

Now is a good time for church visitor assimilation training.

It is time to review your assimilation strategies and think of intentional ways to utilize the seasons of Christmas, Easter, and Back to School to impact the life of your local visitor who is looking for a church family.

It is time to refresh your vision for church visitor welcoming and integration strategies.

Are you ready to receive these visitors?

Are you prepared to help them return and look at becoming part of your church family?

You can focus a lot of effort on first impressions ministry but forget the end goal of having your guest make that second visit.

You might be leading a small church, or you might be leading a large church, but both face the same questions – how do we help first time church visitors become regular attenders?

Improve Your Assimilation — Webinar

Join me in a first time church visitor assimilation class looking at the theme of helping new visitors become regular attenders.

It is offered on-line for global access.  You can download the video after purchase, along with the handout, the mp3, and copy of the slides.

You’ll receive some fresh inspiration and motivation to examine your assimilation strategy.

You’ll hear hear some ideas that you can implement right away ahead of the new church going season.

In this webinar class, you will learn:

  • How Personal Invitations Impact Assimilation
  • How to Open the Front Door of Welcome
  • 5 Must Have Tools for Effective Assimilation
  • How to Close the Back Door and Keep them Coming
  • Some of the specific questions generated by the audience:
    • How do you get this vision into the congregation.
    • What do I do with a chronic hugger?
    • How often should you train volunteers?
    • How do you get your church leaders on board with this?
    • What are key elements to a action plan for a church that has none?
    • DO you have a book list you recommend?
    • Do you have anything that addresses specifically the subject of assimilation of new members into the church family?
    • We have an old lady that insists on hugging all the new people who come to church. Is this good/bad. How to address this? Some members thinks this repels new people. Help!
    • Is the gathering only for new visitors, or any congregants? Specific members turn to stay?
    • What’s the best way to identify a new guest (besides visual observation)?

I want to share insights I’ve gained over the last 15 years to help you plan to help some of your visitors move towards regular attendance.

This class is for

  • Hospitality teams,
  • Outreach and Welcome Pastors, and
  • Greeters and Ushers
  • Other leaders interested in ramping up or reviewing their assimilation process.

If you don’t have an intentional strategy for helping visitors connect with your church, then this class is for you.

If you need a fix your assimilation strategy, then you’ll find tremendous value in attending this class online.

Take some time now, to start thinking about how to incorporate your new visitors who may be looking for a new church home.

Feedback from Participants

  • Thanks Chris…
  • Thank you very much!
  • Encouraging, really like the Simple Next Step Concept and keeping it simple
  • Thank you for great info and your time and experience to further the Kingdom of God.
  • Great start to get going
  • Helpful!
  • Great start. Thought provoking.
  • Thank you.  I’ll definitely check out your web site
  • Yes – very helpful as a neophyte in this ministry.
  • Thanks Chris, I love what you are doing. Keep it up!
  • Thanks Chris, Very inspirational and motivating. I will take this to our hospitality committee and get started – especially with training.
  • Pages of notes
  • Thank you!! I have a good take-away! Things to think about and plan.
  • Thank you so much for your time and help!


  • Actions-help-about-iconThis was a recording of a live webinar that people paid to access.  You can access the replay.
  • Duration: 1 hour and a few minutes.
  • It is a narrated PowerPoint presentation.

What will you receive?

  • Access to download the video (MP4 for Windows Player and Quicktime)
  • Copies of MP3 audio to download
  • Copies of the slides as a PDF.
  • Streaming option if you don’t wish to download the video.
  • The optional handout that accompanies the teaching, along with links to further resources.
  • Permission to use this recording and resources in your congregation.


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