Church Hospitality

Your church will fail in evangelism efforts if your church will not welcome newcomers, new believers, or even seekers. If you want your church to make an impact, here are tools to help you improve that welcome.

Your hospitality ministry is one of the most important factors in the experience of first-time visitors that will influence their personal decision to come back to your church.

Think of church hospitality this way:

  • Marketing and personal invitations get people to be first-time visitors.
  • Your hospitality ministry prepares the way for people to enter the worship service.
  • People experience your worship service and hopefully encounter Jesus.
  • Your hospitality ministry leaves a lasting impression as they leave.
  • Your assimilation ministry helps visitors who return find ways to start building friendships.

Yet depending on what study you read, up to 70% – 90% of those visitors don’t come back for a second visit.

How can you lower that number for your congregation and improve the rate at which visitors to return?

These tools can help you.

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Showing 1–15 of 16 results