Coaching Services

With my personalized coaching service in the field of personal evangelism or church hospitality, you will grow in your skills and gain clarity in your area to take action.

For example:

  • How can you create an extraordinary welcome at church?
  • What can you do to help a first-time visitor move from visitor to member?
  • What would you do if you couldn’t fail at evangelism?
  • What if you could find the addictive joy of sharing your faith in Christ?

In the fields of personal evangelism and church hospitality, many people want personalized coaching services for various reasons:

  • Not sure how to restart a hospitality ministry.
  • Not sure where to begin fixing problems.
  • Not sure what to say or how to lead.

If you are looking into personal coaching for your ministry, I’ll help you remove the log-jam of inaction and come out with a fresh idea to move you forward.

Thank you for the wonderful evening when Chris Walker visited.  I found his style very natural for our little church.  We needed his calmness and small-town way about him.  I know that what he does is truly from the heart.  He allowed us to express ourselves and our needs. He responded to our questions and gave us his undivided attention.  I believe we found in his answers some answers that were right in front of us.  Bruce, Deming Presbyterian, Acme WA

What then is Evangelism Coaching?

The big idea to keep in mind is that coaching differs from mentoring, consulting, or even counseling.

  • Coaching concentrates on where individuals are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future.
  • Consulting provides solutions from the consultant’s knowledge base. They are the subject matter experts and are looked to for solutions.
  • Mentoring focuses on individuals and life development while coaching focuses on performance and is task-oriented.

Thus Evangelism Coaching is me helping you think through where you are now and helping you discover where you want to go and how you want to get there.

During our coaching time, I discovered new ways of thinking about evangelism and Chris helped me get actually do some personal evangelism.  He encouraged me with some reading assignments and I appreciated the debriefing times each week.  He helped keep me accountable to carrying out my plans.      — W. Mish, Danbury CT.

Am I right for you?

If you have a highly effective hospitality ministry already, then I’m not the right person.

If you are looking for a consultant who has all the answers to all the problems of your church, I’m not that person either.

I’m not the right person to talk about the historical problems of your church.

I’ve worked with small churches of 15-25 members and worked with churches with over 800 members looking for some new ideas.

I want to help you get over the “where do I start” or “I’m overwhelmed with too much” blockages.  I’ve intentionally priced these coaching services to make it accessible to even the smallest church budget.

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Showing all 4 results