Customer Service

You can use this form to contact me.

Product Guarantees

Unless otherwise specified on the sales page for the product,  simply contact me for a full refund within 30 days of delivery.

If a link to a download product is broken or not working, please let me know.  I’ll fix it right away.

If any CDs or DVDs are scratched upon delivery,or didn’t arrive or don’t work, I’ll send you a new set on my own dime.

No hassles.

License to Use

You are given the right to share the information and product for use in your ministry within your church.

You may share the downloads, use the material for inspiration or for training.

What if an audio doesn’t work, a video doesn’t play, the DVD won’t start?

Computers take a break some time.  Simply contact me and I’ll help you get your product working.

Usually, it involves a defective printing of a DVD or you have an out of date PDF reader or music player.

Any defective DVD or CD will be replaced without charge to you.

Product Returns and Refunds:

All of our digital and physical products come with 30 day money back guarantee. unless otherwise stated on the appropriate sales page.

You are not required to return product to us.

Email and ask and we will issue the refund with no conditions.

We may ask for a reason so that we can improve future versions, but your refund is not contingent upon answering such question.

Delivery of Product

Any physical DVD or audio CD is printed within 24-48 hours after order from our printer.  Your email mailing address information is shared with our printer for the purpose of delivering your product to you.  First Class mail is used to addresses in the USA.

Digital downloads are available instantly.

Additional Terms and Service, along with Privacy Notice