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Church Greeter Training Webinars 2 Pack


Your church greeters can make a great first impression or an awkward first impression.

However, new church greeters may feel a little nervous about welcoming people.

Help your church greeters with this set of DVDs (or download) that can be used for greeter training.

Or use these to inspire your own church greeter training if you are the leader of your church greeter ministry.

They are now available in a single boxed set and/or digital only download (details below).


  • Buy the physical DVDs and get free access to the digital downloads.
  • Free Shipping for the DVDs in the USA if you order the boxed set.

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Product Description

You know that church greeters can be a great asset to your hospitality ministry.

But one thing I encounter frequently from my readers is:

Is there a Greeter Training that I can purchase?

They are now available as a collection to download.

Training #1 helps church greeters:

  • The vision of Greeting Ministry
  • 5 Verbs Every Greeter Must Know
  • Conversational Small Talk for Nervous Greeters
  • Saying Goodbye with Style
  • 2 keys to an effective welcome
  • 2 Recruiting Tips
  • Q&A on post service receptions, new Christians, and more.

Training #2 helps your greeters:

  • How not to appear on a list of crazy things greeters do to embarrass visitors.
  • More conversational small talk for nervous greeters
  • Ways to recognize visitors in a large or small church     <—biggest question
  • How to be a good church greeter
  • The role of greeter in the church welcome
  • 5 Ways to Grow as a Greeter

Several people have found these training videos very helpful:

  • Show as part of your own training meeting
  • Inspire additional creativity on your part for a training.
  • One took the 5 Verbs from the Training #1 and made a bookmark.
  • They are recorded narrated presentations from an online class.

Each one is approximately 1 hour long.

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